Y. Village – The Visitors – Visit the ancient village, become a living sacrifice


Y. Village – The Visitors is the debut horror game developed by Turkish developer duo Batuhan Gündüz and Latif Güngör, set around a spooky ancient village in the countryside of their country. Not only does it have the bold colors of the Middle East, Y. Village also shows authenticity when interweaving real-life movie segments into the scene. Not only that, the videos are also shown with hand-held camera images, bringing somewhat the familiar feeling of the movie Uncle Nguyen but with mysterious Middle Eastern colors.


The Y. Village – The Visitors gameplay has many metaphorical elements and urges the main character to find solutions through pieces of paper and puzzles throughout the level. In fact, this is what creates the game’s context and plot, allowing players to piece together events to build a panorama of the village and why it became what it is today. Combined with the sound element, Y. Village does not need to add cheap startling images to scare gamers. Instead, the mysteries are like an attractive magic power and lure players step by step deeper into a never-ending black hole.

Y. Village – The Visitors is now officially released on Steam, ready for you to challenge your spirit right now.

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