Facebook Gaming maintains its development orientation to become a launching pad for gaming creators in Vietnam

According to the latest information from Facebook, Facebook Gaming application will stop growing worldwide. Specifically, from October 28, 2022, app Facebook Gaming for iOS and Android will no longer be available. However, users can still search for games, Gaming creators and their communities when accessing the Gaming section in the Facebook app. These changes will have no impact on the gaming creator community (Streamer – Game content creator) is livestream on the platform or the negative impact of reducing Facebook Gaming’s huge user base as many have rumored. This is the inevitable result of this application having an unexpected number of users, especially the majority of users who spend time watching livestreams on Facebook’s main application.​

The information that Facebook Gaming stopped operating in Vietnam is completely false

According to information the reporter learned: Facebook Gaming is still actively operating in Vietnam, allowing gaming creators/streamers to register and become official partners and open up opportunities to exploit revenue on Ads. break (In-stream advertising), Donation (support), Subscription (subscription) with Facebook Gaming. Many gaming creators also share that this is one of the best opportunities to increase income on social networks.

OTA Network – Facebook Gaming’s official partner in Vietnam said: Facebook Gaming still has more than 1,000 active streamers. It is expected that in the late third and fourth quarters of 2022, Facebook Gaming will organize many activities specifically for streamers in Vietnam. 2023 promises to open up many new opportunities for Facebook Gaming Streamers when the Reels feature opens up more exclusive benefits.

Facebook Gaming still has more than 1,000 active streamers.

According to Sunbird – one of the top Streamers in Vietnam in the Empire genre:

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