Zeros was extremely “face-slagged” by fans under the post SBTC Esports announced the VCS Summer 2021 lineup

VCS Summer 2021 is entering the sprint phase to prepare for launch. Currently, most of the participating teams have determined their main lineup SBTC Esports is definitely the name that gets the most attention. The reason is because after VCS Spring, this team suffered a lot of losses in terms of human resources when losing a series of pivotal names such as Dia1, Yijin, … Recently, on their Fanpage, SE announced the official lineup at VCS Summer 2021 to fans. Accordingly, this squad has many names that are quite unfamiliar to the community, especially 3 important positions in the upper half of the map.


Hiro02 (TH) and Vin (Vince) are two players with experience playing at VCS. Although their performance is not very outstanding, they both have the potential to develop quite well. Looking at this list, it’s easy to see that Celebrity will have to “carry the team”, leading a group of young players. In addition, SE has also successfully recruited CBL talented support, but many SE fans are still skeptical about the team’s future at this tournament.

While people are excitedly discussing the achievements that SE can achieve in VCS Summer Zeros I don’t know where “idle” comments appeared under the post. Immediately, 500 community brothers League of Legends also jumped in to criticize Ma Vuong when mentioning the heaviest punishment in VCS history.

Indeed, in terms of strength compared to last season, the current SE is not too outstanding, especially the lack of many key players is a big hole that cannot be filled overnight for the team. It is understandable that fans are worried about the future of the team, but besides that, many people are still optimistic and have faith in SE’s new squad. Until VCS Summer 2021 officially begins, it is still impossible to say. foresee anything.

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