World of Warcraft launches a new mod in the super interesting Battle Royale style

Player World of Warcraft may be getting ready for The War Within expansion scheduled for release in 2024, but in the meantime, try out the new mod Plunderstorm Just announced by Blizzard. Before the three-part Worldsoul Saga begins with The War Within, the World of Warcraft team will introduce a mode unlike any seen before in the long-running MMO – Battle Royale mode.


One of the most interesting aspects of the Plunderstorm Battle Royale mode is the project’s secrecy leading up to launch. Blizzard didn’t develop this new mode on test servers, so data miners didn’t have a chance to spot the project before it launched. It also means that Plunderstorm exists outside of Classic or Dragonflight’s servers WoW. In fact, players will need to create an entirely new character for Plunderstorm, which can be accessed from WoW’s main login screen, for the six-week period that Plunderstorm exists. However, you still need to sub for WoW to play it.


Plunderstorm improves everything about WoW gameplay, starting with the basic actions players can perform. Instead of a long list of skills, players only have up to six actions. There are no auto-attacks or classes. Instead, players level up by defeating pre-existing monsters on the battlefield as well as other players.

Since this is a battle to the death, in the style of Apex Legends or Fortnite, up to 60 players will enter the Arathi Plateau (alone or in teams of two) in matches that Blizzard estimates will Lasts 10-15 minutes per match. Only one winning person/team will win the glory. Plunderstorm has a lot in common with Spellbreak, the now-shuttered magical combat game. There is a reason behind that closure: Spellbreak developer Proletariat was acquired by Activision Blizzard in 2022 and the team was then folded into the WoW development team.


For both Classic and Dragonflight players, Plunderstorm is an interesting and entertaining mod that is completely different from the general “formula” of the game. That’s exactly the idea behind this mod. Speaking with PC Gamer, lead engineer Orlando Salvatore said the team wanted “giving players something extremely exciting, especially experimental, before The War Within launches”. Plunderstorm certainly does that and is worth a try during the 6 week period that it lasts.

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