Three Kingdoms: Trieu Van Truyen – Diablo version of the Three Kingdoms conquers the game world

Speaking of Three Kingdoms Indeed, Vietnamese gamers will immediately think of the masterpieces on Playstation with swords and spears struggling between countless enemies. On Mobile, gamers also cannot forget Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed once made so many people passionate. But it seems that the gameplay formula of these games is still being re-cooked over time, not giving gamers many new flavors.

Fortunately, right in the beginning of 2024, fans immediately have for themselves a Three Kingdoms game, a representative ready to satisfy the action quality of the game. Dynasty Warriors but still brings an extremely profound plot. The name we are talking about is Three Kingdoms: Story of Trieu Van (English name: Three Kingdoms Zhao Yun).


True to its name, Trieu Van Truyen of the Three Kingdoms will let gamers take on the role of Trieu Van, one of the illustrious names of the Five Tiger Generals and Liu Bei’s loyal servant. However, this part of the game will take gamers ahead of the time when Trieu Van became a fierce general, instead taking place in the young man’s time when he first entered the fierce battle.

The gameplay of Three Kingdoms Trieu Van Truyen also brings fresh colors as it allows gamers to immerse themselves in a bold style Diablo. There, gamers will control the main character from a high perspective, unleashing powerful and colorful moves on the screen. However, the image of Trieu Van single-handedly charging through the midst of numerous enemies, pushing all enemies to the ground with one blow, is still shown in a powerful and impressive way in the game.


The interesting point of Trieu Van Truyen of the Three Kingdoms is that the combat style is not limited by historical images, where Trieu Van usually only uses spears on the battlefield. Here, players can perform great skills with bows and swords, not to mention being able to transform into new forms when riding on horseback. In total, players have up to 6 different combat styles, ensuring to continuously bring a new breeze to gamers.

With eye-catching graphics, exciting gameplay and an in-depth storyline, Three Kingdoms Trieu Van Truyen is a name worth checking out.


Currently the game has been released on Steam, readers can buy and download the game here.

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