Ranking Marvel TV series, from low to high (Part 2)

ten. Luke Cage (2 seasons on Netflix: 2016-2018)


Despite the lack of official connection with MCU and lower production values, but the three series belong to Netflix – Marvel still makes a strong impression on the audience thanks to its difference and quality acting. Luke Cage is the third street-level Defender introduced, but the show’s lead actor Cheo Hodari Coker has made sure that his story is unlike any before it. The series explores systemic inequalities and the deeper reality of a man trying to reclaim his life. Although not as cohesive or tight as Daredevil and Jessica JonesLuke Cage is ultimately still a quality show and in no way a waste of viewers’ time.

9. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier (1 season on Disney+: 2021)


The Falcon And The Winter Soldier had a shaky first season, but Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) carried the show and pushed it to the top half of the list. The actor conveys grace and humanity in his interactions with Karli (Erin Kellyman), whom the film attempted to portray as an antihero with her group of Flag Smashers; Sam tried to save her until the last minute. Isaiah’s (Carl Lumbly) determination to do right and the way he grapples with the fate of a black “Captain America” ​​makes viewers understand more about the difficulties Sam faces. Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) was “nerfed” a bit heavily, following the tradition of a villain when on the side of good, but also had a smooth juggling act with his teammates. The psychological change of John Walker (Wyatt Russell) caused many surprises and left a pretty good impression. The Falcon finally picked up Captain America’s shield, and became a good premise for the next movie about Captain America.

8. Moon Knight (1 season on Disney+: 2022)


From the first episode, it’s clear that Moon Knight has ambitious goals: This is a story involving Egyptian gods and thoughts about free will (not to mention a central character with personality disorder). The film does a great job of introducing the title character, while also frequently toying with the audience by mixing elements of horror, psychology, comedy, and action adventure. Oscar Isaac gave an excellent performance playing not one but two memorable characters. The transition between the dangerous Marc Spector and the clumsy Steven Grant was handled gracefully by the actor and made the audience unable to take their eyes off. Show is definitely one of the big pluses in recent years for the MCU.

7. Ms. Marvel (1 season on Disney+: 2022)


Ms. Marvel is a superhero origin story but it’s not really a superhero narrative. Although a bit confusing, the show tends to be a drama about family and finding where you belong. It not only brings out the unique cultural features of Muslims, but also gives deeper insights into the divide. The title character Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, gave an impressive performance and attracted a lot of sympathy. The movie created a good premise, but unfortunately, The Marvels dropped it in a more disastrous way.

6. Hawkeye (1 season on Disney+: 2021)


Hawkeye doesn’t have the same reality-altering impact WandaVision nice Loki, also does not shoulder as heavy a responsibility as The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. But it has found its own way to be interesting and relevant in Disney+’s increasingly crowded Marvel segment. The show takes advantage of what makes the title Avenger find a place in a team full of superheroes, which is an ordinary man facing very human problems. Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) knows that what he does is dangerous and stupid, but he does it because it’s his duty as a good person. That’s a lesson he unintentionally passes on to new companion Kate Bishop, played with delightful enthusiasm by Hailee Steinfeld. She, in her own journey to become a superhero, also reminded Clint what it means to be a superhero.

5. Agent Carter (2 seasons on ABC: 2015-2016)


Agent Carter, the classic action-adventure drama set after Captain America: The First Avenger, is the hidden gem in the Marvel television crown. The show aired on ABC alongside Agents Of SHIELD for two seasons but failed to gain the same traction on the network and was ultimately sadly canceled. Agent Carter has many bright spots. First and most obvious is Hayley Atwell, who balances humor, charisma and stubbornness as Peggy Carter. Her interaction with co-star James D’Arcy (as Edwin Jarvis) is what helps the film retain viewers. Beyond Atwell’s brilliance, the film is incredibly entertaining, perfectly blending the style and spirit of 1940s adventure serials with the more modern sensibilities of the MCU. Plus, it’s chock-full of Easter Eggs and references for Marvel fans.

4. Daredevil (3 seasons on Netflix: 2015-2018)


Daredevil is brooding, violent, deadpan, sometimes unfocused, and sometimes really silly. With virtually no connection to the MCU’s flashy cinematic universe, the film is entirely itself, and excels at that. Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock had an excellent transformation, but it was Wilson Fisk or Kingpin who really made the strongest impression. Although Vincent D’Onofrio’s crime boss does not have super strength, he makes viewers feel more scared than the MCU’s cosmic villains in the post-Thanos era. The most unfortunate thing is that the show gradually lost its way in part 2, when it started trying to connect with The Defenders team and ignored the violent philosophy that once made it unique. However, despite a bit of decline, this is still one of Marvel’s most worth-watching TV shows.

3. Legion (3 seasons on FX: 2017-2019)


The key to Legion’s appeal is its madness, to the point where viewers often cannot recognize that this is a superhero movie. It’s confusing, but fascinating. Dan Stevens’ charismatic performance as a mutant with multiple personalities is also a highlight, making viewers fooled time and time again. The film received high reviews from both audiences and critics, with a 90% fresh tomato rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The only negative point is probably that the series can easily make inattentive audiences feel frustrated. As for those who can overcome the initial barrier, this is definitely one of the best quality shows about Marvel’s mutants.

2. Jessica Jones (3 seasons on Netflix: 2015-2019)


The first season of Jessica Jones is certainly the best, but the Krysten Ritter-led Netflix drama still deserves tons of praise. Created by Melissa Rosenberg, the show slowly reveals Jessica Jones, a complex, vulnerable superhero, over three seasons. The show was created to allow Jessica to showcase her immense fighting ability, while also leaving space for her to process her lingering PTSD with the help of old friends and new relationships. . This combination has made Jessica Jones a fascinating action movie that is hard to take your eyes off of. Ritter’s captivating performance, as well as David Tennant’s truly terrifying turn as Kilgrave, make the show even more watchable.

2. WandaVision (1 season on Disney+: 2021)


WandaVision made a strong impression right from the trailer thanks to its departure from the usual standards of the Marvel formula. Built in the style of an American comedy sitcom of the 50s, the film cleverly brings viewers into Wanda’s inner world filled with suffering and loss. Everything about the movie is great, until Agatha Harkness sheds her nosy neighbor’s mantle and becomes a magic-swinging villainous witch. That’s not exactly bad, but it’s so out of proportion to the movie’s great first half that it ends up tied for second place with Jessica Jones.

1. Loki (2 seasons on Disney+: 2021-2023)


Loki was once a bright spot when he first appeared in 2021, and became even more of a savior for the entire MCU that was gradually going downhill with the second season in 2023. The film is an emotional development journey of The title character, when pushing Loki through all kinds of ups and downs, meets the other half of his life, falls into an endless loop, faces the most dangerous villain in the MCU at the moment, and then accepts sacrifice. and achieve the “glorious goal” he has always sought. From a dangerous villain, Loki is gradually peeled off before the viewers’ eyes, to become a vulnerable person who always seeks affirmation from those around him. Tom Hiddleston had an excellent transformation to lead the show, making the audience hold on to a little faith in the MCU universe, which is causing a lot of disappointment. We don’t know if Loki will return after this perfect season 2, but at least the “trickster god” got the ending he deserved.

In addition, there is a movie that many people have also realized is not on the rankings, which is Inhumans (2017). In fact, this movie is so bad that it was “erased” from “reality” by Marvel, so the author is too lazy to watch it to rate it.​

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