Will the Nier series have a part 3? Will 2B return?

During a surprise appearance at a concert Nier: Orchestra in London earlier this month, dir Yoko Taro of the Nier series asked fans to clap as loudly as possible to ensure that the Square Enix president – ​​who was also said to be in attendance at the event – ​​knew that they were eager for a sequel.


According to one person present that night, “the room immediately erupted into applause, cheers and screams”.

But that wasn’t the most exciting part of the evening. What’s interesting is that throughout the show, the word “REPENT” appeared repeatedly.as part of some dialogue”. In its last appearance, it was written as: “REP3NT”. This has led some fans to speculate that “Repent” could be a subtitle Nier 3.

Nier: Automata There has been a quite successful anime series shown on Netflix

This can be said to be the clearest hint of a sequel to the Nier series, causing fans to start speculating about “when” it will be released, rather than whether it will exist. whether or not.

Earlier this month, Tencent canceled the development of a new mobile game for the Nier series.

Nier: Automata had unexpected success when it first launched

Sources say the game has been in development for nearly two years. It is known that there is already a playable internal demo, which includes the game’s story and combat.

The company is said to have “Struggling to find an attractive monetization model” to compensate for the high costs of entering the mobile market. In the end, it seemed things didn’t go well, and the game was forced to cancel.

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