Director Hideo Kojima received Japan’s prestigious cultural award

Famous game maker, director Hideo Kojima received the Japanese Minister’s Annual Award for the Arts, category Media Arts. This is the one cultural award The most prestigious of the land of the rising sun. This award is for individuals in various categories who have achieved outstanding achievements in each field of art or who are pioneers in new fields.


The award ceremony was held on Wednesday (March 16) in Tokyo. Director Kojima wore a suit with a Homo Ludens pin, anti-war themed cufflinks and a matching tie to attend the ceremony.

Kojima shared on Twitter: “I’m happy that games are maturing and starting to be appreciated as a cultural art form to express and convey messages. I will continue to devote myself to creating digital entertainment. Thank you very much for your support.”


Director Hideo Kojima is now the second game producer to receive this award. Before, Shigeru Miyamoto – Mario’s father received this award in 2010.​

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