List of clubs participating in Blood War: All famous players in the Vietnamese Chinese Chess village

With the purpose of creating conditions for chess players to practice and develop the movement Chinese chess nationwide, at the same time celebrating the founding day of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union on March 26 and responding to Vietnam Sports Day on March 27, the chess tournament Blood War Flag King will start from March 18 to March 25.

On the morning of March 16, the list of teams participating in the tournament was officially revealed. Among them are many National Masters who have won high awards at domestic tournaments. Let’s find out with GTV about the names that will appear at Huyen Chien Ky Vuong 2022:

1. Ky Tri Warrior Club

+ Nguyen Khanh Minh (Captain)
+ Le Thanh
+ Tran Tuan Anh
+ Tran Tuan Viet
+ Substitute: Nguyen Chi Thuan

Reserve player Nguyen Chi Thuan of Ky Tri Chien Vien Club

Their squad has 2 players who won first prize at the 2021 National Team Chess tournament organized by Game VH, so the uniform strength and experience of Chien Vien Ky Tri’s members are strong points. leader of this team

2. Phuong Liet Club

+ Quan Thanh Tung (Team Captain)
+ Nguyen Dai Thanh
+ Ta Duc Thinh
+ Dang Tien Dat
+ Substitute: Nguyen Van Bo

Phuong Liet Club always has an active flag movement

Phuong Liet is one of the Chinese Chess Clubs with an extremely vibrant activity movement in the North. The team regularly participates in movement tournaments to national level tournaments, so the team members are all experienced people. There is no one outstanding star, but the collective strength of these veteran athletes will be an obstacle for any opponent facing them.​

3. Ky Hoi Quan Club

+ Nguyen Hoang Yen (Captain)
+ Tran Anh Duy
+ Duong Ho Bao Duy
+ Again Quynh Tien
+ Subs: Phan Trong Tin

The most prominent element of Ky Hoi Quan is definitely their captain, International Grandmaster Nguyen Hoang Yen – who twice won runner-up at the world standard chess championship, especially the gold medal at the World Chess Championship. World Intellectual Sports Congress. At the national championship, she was the first female player to win all three prestigious gold medals in 2016.

Nguyen Hoang Yen – Team leader and key figure of Ky Hoi Quan

In addition, Ky Hoi Quan’s reserve player Lai Quynh Tien is also another notable name despite his relatively young age. She won 2 gold medals at the 2020 national championship.

Meanwhile, the two male players in their main team, Tran Anh Duy and Duong Ho Bao Duy, are both famous players in the Vietnamese chess industry with variable playing styles, sharp thinking, and lightning ability. Very good opportunity. In particular, the psychology of the two guys in decisive moments is also extremely stable. It is not an exaggeration to say that Ky Hoi Quan is the number 1 candidate for the championship of the tournament.

Tran Anh Duy – Top Vietnamese Chinese Chess player

4. Dalat Assembly Hall Club

+ Tran Ngoc Hung (Captain)
+ Nguyen Ngoc Duy
+ Bui Van Hung
+ Trinh Ho Quang Vu
+ Subs: Huynh Quang Huy

Captain Tran Ngoc Hung of Dalat Hoi Quan Club

5. Dien Bien Phu Club

+ Nguyen Quang Huan (Captain)
+ Pham Thu Ha
+ Nguyen Phi Liem
+ Le Thi Kim Loan
+ Subs: Tony Diep

Dien Bien Phu Hanoi owns three female chess players, but all of them are the most talented people in the Vietnamese Chinese chess industry. The first person is Pham Thu Ha – a female chess player born in 1987 who holds the record for youngest national champion at the age of 16, followed by Le Thi Kim Loan – the defending champion of the 2021 National Chess Championship. The other person is Nguyen Phi Liem – a girl who has regularly appeared in the top spots at national championships for many years.

Pham Thu Ha – The youngest champion in the history of the National Chinese Chess Championship

Grandmaster Nguyen Phi Liem

Defending champion of the National Chinese Chess Championship Le Thi Kim Loan

The remaining players are all well-known names in the Hanoi chess community or more broadly, the national Chinese chess association with extensive competition experience and a fighting style with enough wisdom and alertness. This is also a real mess in this year’s tournament.

6. Ky Huu Club

+ Nguyen Hoang Kien (Captain)
+ Le Linh Ngoc
+ Fee Manh Cuong
+ Trinh Dang Khoa
+ Substitute: Nguyen Anh Tu

Ky Huu Hanoi is also the club with the leading prestigious chess movement in the capital, so the elements in their squad all possess sharp thinking, dirty playing style and the ability to improvise chess situations very well. Good. In particular, the playing experience of the players in this team is expected to help them go far at the upcoming Blood War Flag.

In particular, the two most notable names in this team are captain Nguyen Hoang Kien and National Grandmaster Phi Manh Cuong, names that own a huge track record of domestic medal collections, at A series of different large and small prizes.

Nguyen Hoang Kien – Captain of Ky Huu Club

National Grandmaster Phi Manh Cuong

7. Phu Yen Provincial Police Club

+ Nguyen Huynh Duan (Captain)
+ Tran Huynh Huan
+ Tran Kim Son
+ Vu Duc Thien
+ Subs: Doan Phuoc Chung

Phu Yen Police is an interesting unknown at this year’s tournament

8. Da Nang Chess Lovers Club

+ Tran Huynh Sila (Captain)
+ Nguyen Anh Duc
+ Truong Dinh Vu
+ Le Thanh Tung

Being the only team among the 8 teams that does not have a reserve player in the squad, Da Nang Chess Lovers Club owns all 4 National Masters with a series of domestic titles in all tournaments. big small.

In particular, each player has a different playing style, making their strategies diverse and extremely unpredictable. Their fighting style is also always certain and carefully calculated, so opponents at the tournament will have to face a team with a highly variable playing style. This promises to be a tough team and a top competitor for the throne of this year’s Blood War Flag King.

Captain Tran Huynh Sila

Chess player Truong Dinh Vu

National Grandmaster Nguyen Anh Duc

Chess lovers should watch the tournament to watch the top competition of the top players in the Vietnamese chess industry with bold and decisive moves; situations of reading each other in each move and the nervous and tense developments in each game. The entire tournament will be live streamed on Youtube Ky GTV StatueFanpage Statue of Ky GTV.​

Download the game at:​

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