While happily livestreaming, famous streamer Shroud was frightened by a power source explosion

On the air livestreamwhether more or less Streamer I’ve also encountered a few problems, maybe the network is laggy or the microphone doesn’t pick up sound… But certainly few people have encountered a sudden and dangerous situation like the Canadian Streamer. Shroud.​


Launched on September 28, New World has created a fever in the gaming community and Shroud is no exception to that fever, the male Streamer immediately embarked on the journey to discover his masterpiece. Amazon. Last October 5, when former player CS:GO This guy was continuing his 6-hour journey to experience New World when he suddenly got disconnected.

Shroud’s fans thought that the male Streamer would return soon because the cause of this is usually due to Wifi problems or network wires slipping, but that did not happen because everything was much more serious. After arranging everything, the new male Streamer said that his uninterruptible UPS power supply had exploded and caused a power outage:


While Shroud seemed quite excited, his fellow players were scared because they feared their hardware would also explode. This is quite a reasonable worry because many New World gamers previously shared that this game caused their high-end graphics cards to burn out.

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