Facing criticism about the $70 price, Ubisoft director justifies “Skull & Bones is a AAAA game”


Price the AAA game in recent years has been a controversial topic, but CEO Ubisoftgrandfather Yves Guillemot for that game title Skull and Bones Coming soon is worth the $70 USD figure. Skull and Bones will arrive on February 16, including live-service elements in addition to the listed price above.

Ubisoft recently held its third quarter fiscal 2024 earnings call. At the call, Mr. Guillemot explained why he felt the $70 USD price tag was reasonable for a game like Skull and Bones , and also refused the proposal to release this game as F2P. Ubisoft executives argued that the game’s huge scale justifies the upfront fee. Specifically, he commented: “It’s a really full game, a triple A game even four A’s and it will pay off in the long run.”


Ubisoft’s CEO may be speaking confidently, although it’s hard to determine right now whether that makes sense or not. In December last year, some beta testers abandoned Skull and Bones because they found the game boring. One tester stopped testing after just an hour and other testers quickly made the same decision. Feedback on the game included the lack of expected features such as swordplay. Testers also complained about bland missions, bad dialogue, and they were unhappy with the ship combat gameplay, which is considered the core element of this game. Additionally, testers encountered some old issues from the previous beta version.

The pricing of Skull and Bones may be Ubisoft’s attempt to recover part of the capital during the development process (about 200 million USD). Some sources claim that Ubisoft does not expect to make any profit from Skull & Bones, which is not surprising considering the development time and huge budget poured into the game. This must be the reason why Ubisoft offers high prices and refuses to play for free even though it may be in the best interest of players. pirate game.

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