Top 10 free games for gamers to save money for happy new year

Besides gathering with family and friends, Tet is also a rare free time for gamers to temporarily put aside the chaos of life and work and experience their favorite games.
So what are you planning to play this Tet? If you’re still wondering, please refer to the list of free PC games we have listed below!

first. Naraka: Bladepoint


Own gameplay in style Battle Royale familiar like many other games on the market, but Naraka: Bladepoint brings a completely different atmosphere when set in ancient China – where “martial arts prevail”. That’s why, in addition to weapons such as sticks and spears, the characters in Naraka: Bladepoint can also use martial arts skills or even light attack. If you are looking for a highly competitive game but are bored of the usual “gunfights”, Naraka: Bladepoint will definitely be an alternative worth experiencing this Tet.

2. Warframe


Launched in 2013, Warframe still receives the support of many players who love the titles. shooting game. In Warframe, players will play as a member of the Tenno – a race of ancient warriors who have just awakened after centuries of deep sleep. With the help of bio-mechanical suits called Warframes, Tenno warriors will have to participate in the fight against other races and complete their missions.

3. Summoners War


As the PC version of Com2uS’s hit strategy IP, Summoners War will take you to Sky Arena – a world going crazy for the important resource Mana Crystals. Playing as a Summoner, players accompany more than 1500 Monsters throughout battles during their adventure. Monsters in Summoners War are divided into many elements: Water, Fire, Wind, Light, Darkness with strengths from 1 Star to 5 Stars.

4. The Finals


The Finals is set around contestants competing in the finals of a virtual fighting game show on television. Players can choose to fight alone against other gamers or work in a team. The characters in The Finals are all equipped with unique skills to give them an advantage in combat. At times of need, players can also throw any objects they can grab at their opponents to take advantage of the opportunity for themselves.

5. Brawlhalla


Brawlhalla is a free fighting game that supports cross-play on multiple platforms such as PC, PlayStation, macOS, iOS, Android and consoles. In Brawlhalla, all you need to do is push your opponent into one of four areas outside the map’s boundaries. It sounds simple, but with more than 60 characters and different skills, players will certainly have diverse and equally interesting experiences.​

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