What If…? officially debuted, rewriting the history of MCU

After so many days of waiting, today is finally What If…? – series cartoon owner of Marvel has officially launched, promising to bring viewers moments of amazement with a completely different story in an alternate universe. History of MCU will be rewritten again starting with the first Avengers.​


As you know, in Captain America: The First Avengers, thanks to being injected with super soldier serum, the small Steve Rogers gained extraordinary strength and became the American captain – a symbol of inspiration for the country’s military. At that time, he was also the first member of the Avengers group. However, in What If…? That changed completely, Steve Rogers was replaced by Peggy Carter, and accordingly, she became Captain Britain.

Not only Captain America and Peggy Carter, other familiar characters on the MCU’s big screen no longer maintain their original positions: Black Panther turns into Star-Lord, Vision and Spider-man replace Ultron and Doctor Strange… The two key superheroes of the Avengers team, Iron Man and Captain America, appear as zombies, minions of evil. Can you say What If…? Exist in a space where everything can start, rearrange.​


CNN site commented:

Currently What If…? is airing exclusively on Disney+.
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