Metal Slug: Awakening x King of Fighters – Kyo Kusanagi officially joins the Corps

Once again, Rambo the Dwarf stirred up the childhood memories of millions of gamers Kyo Kusanagi – the main character in the fighting game series King of Fighters – joins the squad of steel warriors.

Kyo Kusanagi will officially appear in the game Metal Slug: Awakening from December 22, 2023, is expected to be one of the characters “making waves” on the battlefield in the near future.


Kyo Kusanagi is the main character who created the brand of the famous King of Fighters series from SNK. He is a descendant of the Kusanagi family – the family that holds the power of fire. Not only does he possess the power to control fire and superior martial arts, Kyo also demonstrates the bravery of a talented “mercenary”.

In formation Metal Slug: Awakening, Kyo takes on the role of a commando. This guy appears to be extremely skilled in combat and has good damage support ability. Kyo’s rage skill can greatly increase damage for the whole team. After Kyo uses Fury, the entire team has the Burning effect. When attacking, Kyo can cause burns to the opponent and increase damage in close combat, thereby increasing his total damage in combat.

  • Burning Demon: Normal skill set with 2 moves:
    • 75 Shiki Kai: Leaps forward, dealing 80% attack damage to enemies and gaining attack skills.
    • Aragami: Chain Strike 2 close range attacks, dealing damage equal to 60% of attack.
  • Dai Xa The: Fury Skill: Attacks enemies in the front area, dealing 3 times damage equal to 400% of attack and flying, receiving 1 Fury. After accumulating 3 Fury, you can use additional enhancement skills: Summon multiple pillars of fire to attack all enemies in front, each time accurately dealing damage equal to 900% of the attack and flying away.

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