What Games to Play to Make Money in 2024?

In 2024, there are many video games that allow players to make money through different methods. Below are some of the most popular and popular games today:

Axie Infinity – Game to raise Axies to make money

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based online game that allows players to collect, breed, and battle adorable creatures called Axies.

What Games to Play to Make Money in 2024?
What games to play to make money in 2024?

How to play Axie Infinity

In Axie Infinity, each player will own a team of 3 Axies. These Axies can be bred to create new Axies with different characteristics. Players will use their Axie team to fight against other players’ Axie teams.

The main goal of the game is to mobilize the power of Axies to defeat opponents, win battles and receive rewards.

How to make money with Axie Infinity

There are several ways for Axie Infinity players to make money:

  • Sell ​​Axies: Players can breed rare Axies with powerful characteristics and sell them on the market at a high price.
  • Rewards from battles and missions: Every time you win a battle or complete a mission, you receive a reward in Axie Infinity’s SLP token. Players can exchange SLP for cash.
  • Axies Spawning and Rental Fees: Players can collect fees from lending Axies to others to breed or increase the number of daily battles.

Axie Infinity is one of the games that brings stable income to many players in Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam.

The Sandbox – Build virtual worlds to make money

The Sandbox is a 3D virtual world that allows players to create, own and trade in-game assets. This is a unique game that combines open world building and blockchain.

What Games to Play to Make Money in 2024?
What games to play to make money in 2024?

How to play The Sandbox

In The Sandbox, players can create 3D models, buildings, miniature games, and more. Everything players create is owned by them.

SAND is the in-game currency that allows buying and selling land and assets. LANDs are virtual pieces of land that players can build on. ASSETs are game models and items such as characters, trees, weapons…

Players can also create their own mini-games in The Sandbox and let others play for money.

Ways to make money with The Sandbox

Some ways players can make money with The Sandbox:

  • Buying and selling land (LANDs) – The value of LANDs can increase over time if developed and located in prime locations.
  • Rent or sell ASSETs – Players make money creating and selling ASSETs such as 3D models, costumes, weapons…
  • Game development and fee collection – Income is shared from game plays created by players.
  • Participate in events and competitions – Get rewards for winning or being honored.

The Sandbox promises to bring many interesting money-making opportunities for both game developers and players.

Decentraland – Buy and sell virtual land to make money

Decentraland is a 3D virtual world on the blockchain platform. Here, players can interact, buy and sell land, build buildings, participate in events and games.

What Games to Play to Make Money in 2024?
What games to play to make money in 2024?

Main activity in Decentraland

Some main activities players can do in Decentraland:

  • Buy and sell virtual lands (LANDs) – Land in Decentraland has real value and is traded in cryptocurrency. Players can buy and resell land to make a profit.
  • Build buildings on LAND – Players can build houses, open shops, organize events… to attract others to come and make money.
  • Create and sell ASSETs – ASSETs are digital items that can be bought and sold in Decentraland such as costumes, accessories, vehicles…
  • Participate in games and events – Have the opportunity to receive rewards when winning games, lucky draws…

How to make money with Decentraland

Players can make money with Decentraland through the following activities:

  • Buy cheap land, sell expensive land – Land price difference is the main source of income.
  • Rent or advertise on LAND – Collect money from renters for premises or advertising services.
  • ASSET Business – Create unique ASSETs and sell them to the market.
  • Develop mini games – Collect money from games you develop.

With a large virtual universe and a large community of players, Decentraland promises many opportunities for professional players to make money.

My Neighbor Alice – Blockchain farm game

My Neighbor Alice is a survival and farm building game in virtual space. The player plays the female protagonist Alice, building and developing her farm to make money.

What Games to Play to Make Money in 2024?
What games to play to make money in 2024?

How to play My Neighbor Alice

In My Neighbor Alice, the player’s task is to build buildings such as warehouses, barns, gardens… to be able to grow crops, raise livestock and produce agricultural products.

In addition, players can also explore the surrounding world, exploit resources, fish and trade with NPCs to earn money to buy items or expand the farm.

The interesting point is that players can interact with other characters and participate in community activities to increase reputation points and receive rewards.

How to make money with My Neighbor Alice

Players can make money with My Neighbor Alice through the following activities:

  • Growing crops, raising livestock and selling agricultural products – Selling agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, milk…
  • Fishing and fish trading – Fishing and seafood trading are also quite profitable.
  • Mining and selling resources – Exploiting wood, stone, ore… and then selling it to construction and metallurgical factories.
  • Buying land and renting a house – Buying land and then building a house to rent or selling the land is more expensive than the purchase price.

My Neighbor Alice promises to bring interesting experiences and money-making opportunities for players who love farm games.

Gods Unchained – Blockchain collectible cards

Gods Unchained is a Magic: The Gathering style card game that uses blockchain technology. This is also one of the interesting ways to make money online from games today.

What Games to Play to Make Money in 2024?
What games to play to make money in 2024?

How to play Gods Unchained

In Gods Unchained, players must build a deck of Gods cards suitable for their own strategy. They will then use this deck to fight other players.

The main goal is to reduce your opponent’s health points to 0 or make them run out of cards before you run out of cards. The winner will be rewarded with skill guilds and Flux soldiers – these are two important resources in Gods Unchained.

Make money with Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained allows players to earn money through activities such as:

  • Sell ​​rare cards – Players can buy and sell cards on the market. Many cards have very high value, even up to thousands of dollars.
  • Rewards from matches and tournaments – When winning a match, players receive QG and Flux. These resources can be exchanged for cash or traded for profit.
  • Deck rental fee – Players can lend their deck to others to participate in matches and share rewards.

With a vibrant economic system, Gods Unchained promises to be a potential card game that allows professional players to make money.


Thus, there are many ways to make money from blockchain games in 2024. Whether passionate about games or wanting to earn extra income, players can absolutely try games like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Decentraland , My Neighbor Alice or Gods Unchained.

However, to earn a stable income from the game requires players to spend a lot of time, effort and sometimes money. Therefore, you should consider carefully before participating in these types of money-making blockchain games.

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