Calamity – Vietnamese horror game was mentioned by foreign newspapers and praised for its graphics

When it comes to “Pure Vietnamese Games”, there is a pride that evokes within each of us, where the stories, images, and landscapes in the virtual world are created by Vietnamese hands. But 5-10 years ago, that pride was still somewhat apprehensive because the quality and stature of a Vietnamese product could not yet reach the world level.

But today it is different. Just in the last few years, pure Vietnamese products have entered the mainstream horror game in turn resonated in the community. Even the newest name in the ranks is The ScourgeBanealso spread heat into the international arena when it was introduced by Gamescom Asia and appeared on the prestigious newspaper IGN (SEA).

Calamity was introduced by Gamescom Asia (Timeline: 22:44).

On IGN, Calamity is praised as a game with extremely impressive graphics, allowing players to immerse themselves in the fear of a dark world in the heart of Saigon. Indeed, Calamity can completely nail ghostly yet extremely familiar images into the minds of players, especially Vietnamese gamers.

Calamity was praised for its top-notch graphics on IGN (SEA).

Co-developed by Rare Reversee and Beaztek, the setting of Calamity is Saigon in the 90s as the focus with the main character Nhat Huy, a student with a long dark past on his back. Haunted by nightmares and nameless ghosts, Nhat Huy will have to walk the line between reality and fantasy to find a solution to his pain, or above all, his past mistakes.

Currently, The Scourge – Calamity is expected to be released in Q1 2024 and has officially launched a Demo version on Steam. With top-notch graphics, a captivating storyline and a gameplay that promises to challenge gamers’ brains, Tai Uong will certainly not only rise to the top in Vietnam but also internationally.

If you want to experience the Demo of Calamity, readers can download the game on Steam via this link, as well as enjoy some very magical screenshots of the game:

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