Crazy cool black hair look of “Invincible Mikey” in Tokyo Revengers

After many delays due to the epidemic, the film live-action Tokyo Revengers adapted from manga of the same name was officially released in Japan on July 9. In just 3 days, revenue reached 700 million – a very admirable number. In addition to the engaging plot, one of the reasons for the film’s success is probably its top-notch cast. Right from the moment of publication, Tokyo Revengers live-action made fans “surprised and bewildered” when they almost completely copied the character design from the original manga into the movie. Indeed, in terms of choosing actors and creating characters, the film crew did an excellent job.


Tokyo Revengers is the story of Takemichi, an unemployed young man living in an apartment, who is trying to change the future to save the only girlfriend in his life – Hinata Tachibana. After an accident, Takemichi finds himself transported back to his time in middle school and tries to prevent the formation of one of Tokyo’s bloodiest gangs.

Hinata’s death is related to the Toman gang and Toman’s chief is none other than Mikey, also known as “Invincible Mikey”, played by Ryo Yoshizawa. Previously, the image of Mikey with long white hair was revealed but did not receive much attention. It wasn’t until the image of Mikey with short black hair and a cool tattoo on his neck was released that people fainted over the president’s top-notch visual. Beauty and charisma are said to be rising like a kite in the wind.

In Vietnam, Tokyo Revengers fans are also going crazy because of Mikey’s excellent transformation:


Although the live-action version of Tokyo Revengers has just been released, it has already made a big splash in the Japanese market. Hopefully with this success, the film will continue to have a second part.

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