What game should I play to quickly find a lover? The secret to escaping FA that anyone who is lonely must know

In today’s modern society, gaming is no longer simply a simple entertainment hobby but has also become a way of social communication between individuals, helping people connect with each other more easily.

Playing games also helps you meet new friends, even find the love of your life. Many people thanks to playing games have become husband and wife and have children. So what game will you play that will help you quickly find your lover? The article below will share some useful tips to help you find a lover through gaming.

Why does playing games help me find a lover?

Playing games gives you the opportunity to meet and get to know many other players. In particular, some game genres such as love swordplay games, virtual social network games… allow you to interact directly with other players and have a second life and have emotional elements, The relationship is quite real – virtual but real. Thereby, you can find people with the same interests and opinions as you and easily make friends and develop relationships.

What game should I play to quickly find a lover?  The secret to escaping FA that anyone who is lonely must know
What game should I play to quickly find a lover? The secret to escaping FA that anyone who is lonely must know

Some specific reasons:

  • Playing online games helps you get acquainted with many young people, there is no gender limit and you can find everyone according to your taste.
  • Playing games helps you have topics to talk about, reduce loneliness, get rid of the fear of talking to others in real life, and thereby easily get to know new players.
  • By sharing your skills and gaming experience, you can attract the attention of the opposite sex.
  • Solving difficult challenges in the game together and helping each other become stronger in the game helps two people get closer together.

Thus, it can be seen that playing certain game genres will help you easily get acquainted with new people, including people of the opposite sex. From there, you have every chance of finding your “half”.

Game genres suitable for finding a lover

Some suitable game genres to help you find a girlfriend/boyfriend:

  • Online games: For example, League of Legends, Lien Quan, PUBG, Audition… allow you to play with many people and easily get acquainted.
  • Role-playing swordplay game: Legend of Martial Arts, Sword World, Love Sword 3D, Thien Long Bat Bo… are the top role-playing games currently in Vietnam from which many couples have become virtual love games.
  • Social network game: Pet Society, Farmville, Play Together… help you make friends quickly.
  • Role-playing game: Ragnarok, Dungeon & Fighter… allows you to play as a character and interact with other players.

In general, games that are highly interactive and require group coordination are ideal choices for you to get to know many people.

Has any couple really fallen in love or gotten married after playing the game?

Famous couples fell in love thanks to games

There are many couples who have found love through gaming. Here are some typical couples:

  • Korean couple Park Sa-rang and Cho Jun-ho first met while playing online games in 2003. They got married in 2006 and have a daughter.
  • American couple Sean Plott and Sarah Snider met in 2005 while playing StarCraft. They got married in 2010 and have a son.
  • Chinese couple Edward Guanhua Wu and Sherry Hui Chen met in 2010 while playing the game Raid. They got married in 2013.

Thus, playing games not only brings joy but can also help many people find true love.

Shared by some couples

To better understand whether the love story through games is safe and real or not, here are some shares from couples:

Peter (25 years old) shared: “I first met Lisa when we played League of Legends together in a group. At first we were just close friends, but gradually we realized we were really compatible with each other. Now we have a date. Been dating for 2 years now.”

Julia (23 years old): “My boyfriend and I first met while playing Empire in 2020. We often exchange strategies and gaming experiences. From friends, we develop feelings and decided to go on a date.”

Thus, thanks to a common interest in games, many couples have found each other. They started out as friends and gradually developed feelings. Playing games is indeed a very effective way to find a true lover.

What criteria are needed in the game to be able to find a lover?

Key elements in the game

To play the game effectively in finding a lover, you need to keep in mind the following factors:

  • High interactivity: The game needs to allow you to communicate and interact with many other players.
  • Large community of players: There are always many people online so you can make new friends.
  • Eye-catching and attractive graphics: Helps you easily impress the opposite sex.
  • Multiplayer mode: Allows you to compete or cooperate with multiple people.
  • There is a microphone and background music: Helps communicate more directly.
  • Express your own personality: Name, Avatar, Character Style in the game… are the strengths of an indirect dating game.
  • Features of love – Marriage – Having children: Many games allow couples to marry, get married, and have children such as VLTK, TLBB, Tinh Kiem 3D…

If the game meets the above factors well, you will easily find the boyfriend/girlfriend you want.

Some notes when playing games to find a lover

When playing games to find a girlfriend/boyfriend, you also need to pay attention to:

  • Choose an avatar that matches your gender and preferences.
  • Be proactive in making friends and getting to know many people.
  • Share your gaming experiences and skills to impress.
  • Always be polite and respectful of others.
  • Persistently and gently pursue your goals.

Just follow the above principles, you can completely find that person through the game.


Thus, playing games not only brings joy but is also an effective way to make friends and find love. Just choose the right game genre, actively interact with people, and you can completely find your other half. Don’t be afraid to invest time in the game, because sometimes the best relationships come unexpectedly from common passion. Hope you find that person soon!

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