Steam Deck – Huge PC configuration to fight all games but only in the palm of your hand

Fight console. console The fierce rivalry between the giants of the world gaming industry is preparing to welcome a new member – Steam Deck. Yesterday, Valve officially introduced to players its new console Steam Deck, this is a device similar to Nintendo Switch but promises to be able to download operating systems and games from other stores.​


Steam Deck will launch on the market next December with a starting price of 399 USD (about 9.1 million VND). The Steam Deck functions like a larger portable PC Nintendo Switch a bit with a 7-inch screen, a D-pad, thumbsticks and control buttons. This device is also equipped with a touch pad. Steam Deck uses Proton, a version of Linux adapted to play Windows and Linux games.

In contrast to Nintendo Switch’s “closed” system, Steam Deck allows players to download and experience games from other stores, such as competitors. Epic Games Store nice uPlayOrigin… Players can even access game titles Xbox Game Pass with Steam Deck.​


Valve’s Erik Peterson commented: “This is a PC that you can install everything you want on it.” In addition, Steam Deck also supports many accessories, as long as they can be plugged into a USB drive or accessed via Bluetooth. Steam Deck is creating a promising open gaming environment for gamers.

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