VNGGames confirms the release of Thanh Quang Angel in Vietnam, you can pre-register now

Holy Light Angel will soon be available in the Vietnamese market, expected to refresh the MMORPG genre with an attractive storyline, rich character system and epic battles. The game title will be due VNGGames Exclusive release this April.


Super attractive MMORPG from plot to top gameplay

The main plot of Holy Light Angel not only immerses players in the mysterious world of the gods but also stimulates curiosity and interest in exploring this adventurous journey. After the great war Ragnarok, the world fell into chaos, causing both heaven and hell to be destroyed. In that darkness, only two gods Athena and Zeus remained to fight, accidentally activating Pandora’s box capable of destroying all life. From here, the gamer’s role gradually becomes clear: become an angel warrior, confront evil and restore world order.


In Holy Light Angel, there are three initial sects for players to choose from including Dragon Knight – Dragon Knight, Soul Master – Magician and High Elf – Archer. Each sect has its own unique skills and strengths for gamers to freely experience and take advantage of. This further confirms that Holy Light Angel will be a battlefield full of talented heroes, always with a high fighting spirit.


Possessing the typical gameplay of the MMORPG genre, Thanh Quang Angel is an interesting experience focusing on carrying out a series of main missions and story missions. The game also focuses on meticulously guiding gamers, from there, players can easily get acquainted and access the game, even when not online thanks to the convenient hang-up feature. This not only helps players save time but also improves efficiency in collecting resources and items.

In particular, Thanh Quang Angel also possesses many attractive PvE and PvP activities such as copies, Boss battles, cross-server battles,… and even features to make friends, join a Guild with friends to journey. Role-playing games are more attractive.


Pre-register to receive 1 billion Diamonds

Currently, Thanh Quang Angel has opened the Pre-registration portal on Google Play for gamers to experience. When registering in advance, players have the opportunity to receive an iPhone 15, along with unique technology gifts such as headphones, mice and valuable game controllers. In particular, all players who pre-register will receive a gift of 1 billion Diamonds to use in the game as soon as Thanh Quang Angel officially launches this April.


With a delicate combination of traditional gameplay and new breakthroughs, Thanh Quang Angel promises to be the ideal destination for those who are passionate about the world of role-playing games, where every experience is more than just a game. , but also an exciting adventure into a mysterious and magical world. Quickly register to get the best equipment and valuable gifts for yourself at Thanh Quang Angel’s Early Registration page. Don’t forget to follow the latest information and upcoming events of the game here:​

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