Supernormal – A game for players… to confide in ghosts

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Entering the house at midnight, you suddenly see someone’s shadow passing by at the end of the hallway. This place was once the scene of a mysterious disappearance, so the fact that someone lives here is difficult to explain. Suspicion was soon replaced by fear when you smelled something fishy and crimson streaks littered the floor. “Who?”, you spoke up hoping someone would respond, at least able to reassure you that the shadow was a living creature. The moment of waiting for an answer passed as slowly as an hour, but the suffocating silence was soon broken when three knocks on the door rang close to my ears. The only thing is, you know for sure there is no door near you, and most of all… there is no one here.

Sound is increasingly becoming an essential element in the gameplay of titles horror game. From the ability to detect the screams of internal players Screamto reacting to the voices of gamers within Phasmophobia, developers are exploiting more horror elements from sound. But with Supernormalsound is also pushed to a completely new position, where gamers will be able to chat with the ghost waiting to devour their souls.


Supernormal Set in a seemingly ordinary apartment but containing a ghostly mystery of the past. In this very apartment, a Japanese girl went missing with extremely strange events. Trusted by her own mother, you take on the role of detective Wyatt to uncover the last clues before the case is officially closed. Is there any secret here? Between these walls and this room? No one knows… only you and a hidden entity know the answer.

Supernormal’s gameplay will be audio-centric where players will use their own words through the mic to interact with ghosts. There the game will allow you to make statements like “What do you want?” “Where are you?” “Go away” “Stay away from me”….etc. Then receive the ghostly entity’s response by knocking on the door, as simple as knocking three times quickly for “no”, knocking slowly two times for “yes”. ”.


With your questions, you can make the ghost reveal its true form and search for the person who just talked to you. At this point, Supernormal will be completely reversed compared to the first stage, throwing gamers into a tense, suffocating space, where monstrous images begin to appear throughout the house. But the deeper you go into Supernormal, you gradually discover that the strange phenomena, the scattered crimson stains, or the strange silhouette of a young girl… are all just a veil covering the truth. many times more disgusting.

If you are ready for the journey to find that truth, welcome to Supernormal.

Supernormal is now released and available for gamers to download on the Steam platform here.

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