List of extremely hot Anime series preparing to debut in 2024

The year 2024 marks the return of many series anime loved by a large audience. Let’s find out with GameHub which desirable names are preparing to “land” in the near future!

Haikyuu!! Movie: Battle of the Scrap Yard (February 16)

After 4 years of waiting, the famous sports anime series Haikyuu finally returns with a new movie. This new film mainly focuses on the battle of Karasuno and their “natural enemy” Nekoma. This is a match that many fans of the series have been looking forward to as it took many years for the two teams to fulfill their promise to face each other in the national tournament. How will Karasuno’s “crows” have to fight when facing an opponent with a tight and intelligent defensive style of play like Nekoma?


“Battle of the Scrap Yard” will officially hit theaters on February 16 in Japan. Hopefully, the film will be licensed and shown in Vietnam, especially since, according to the studio’s revelation, this will be a in the final two movies of the Haikyuu series.

Blue Lock: Episode Nagi (April 19)​


Adapted from one of the most popular Shonen series today, Blue Lock: Episode Nagi will be a spin-off film about the life of genius Nagi Seishirou before he joined the Blue Lock facility. This movie is expected to premiere in Japanese theaters on April 19, but the global release date has not yet been revealed.

KonoSuba Season 3 (April 2024)​


In Season 3 of KonoSuba, audiences can continue to follow Sato Kazuma, the goddess Aqua and the magician Megumin on their journey to destroy the Demon King’s generals. If you follow the Light Novel closely, Season 3 will focus on Kazuma’s group receiving royal attention, and a plot to impersonate the heroes will also gradually be revealed.

My Hero Academia Season 7 (April 2024)​


At the end of Season 6, the whole of Japan was plunged into chaos when the prison holding the most dangerous criminals fell, from which tragedies continued to occur. The group of heroes must face countless pressures, from people’s dissatisfaction to how to defeat All For One and the villains. Season 7 will continue to be the arduous journey of Midoriya Izuku and the other young heroes of class 1-A in the battle to restore peace to humanity.​

(To be continued)

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