VLTK1M: Top 4 of Vo Lam Minh Chu officially revealed

After many days of fierce competition with the participation of thousands of players, Vo Lam Minh Chu – PK’s biggest tournament Martial Arts Legend 1 Mobile (VLTK1M) is gradually coming to an end. Accordingly, the organizers have also found the best faces in the Top 4 of each division of Vo Lam Minh Chu. Let’s find out with GameHub who they are.

Super Class

The round-robin series between CT-BinhTVT, Mai-TrinhMuoi and Thien_Tuong is the most stressful series for viewers, as each person has a win and a loss. Therefore, the result of this match is decided based on the total damage caused by all three. With the outstanding advantage of the Ngu Doc Dao, the master CT-BinhTVT excellently surpassed the remaining two opponents to win the first ticket to go straight to the final match to compete for the throne of Vo Lam Minh Chu. With excellent performance from the beginning of the tournament until now, CT-BinhTVT is the strongest candidate for the title of Champion of this year’s Super Tournament.

The remaining players in the Top 4 of the tournament are Than Kiem, Mai-TrinhMuoi, __TuOn__ and Thien_Tuong. All 4 gamers will continue to compete with each other to find the last one to compete with CT-BinhTVT. Than Kiem and Mai-TrinhMuoi will compete against each other tonight, December 10. The match between __TuOn__ and Thien_Tuong will take place 1 day later.​


Mai-TrinhMuoi is currently ranked 4th in the ranking of the strongest gamers of the Hoa Son sect, while Than Kiem is the second-ranked expert of the Thien Vuong sect. Because there is no sectarian incompatibility, the battle between these two great masters promises to be dramatic until the last seconds. Both are famous masters of VLTK1M but with superior Binh Giap stats, it seems that Thien_Tuong has an advantage in the battle with __TuOn__.

Senior Division

Dang Bao Tue Lam – a master from S83-Tien Long, won an absolute victory over Chan-Hung and VoDang SuMuoi to put his name in the decisive battle of the Senior tournament. Dang Bao Tue Lam is also a familiar name to the VLTK1M player community and is currently ranked 8th in the individual rankings of the Vo Dang sect.

The last 4 names to appear in the final of the tournament are __PhongNgocTu__, VoDangSuMuoi, LongNguyen and Chan-Hung. Among them, __PhongNgocTu__ will have a decisive battle with VoDangSu Muoi this evening (December 10). Possessing an advantage in both rank and Binh Giap index, VoDang SuMuoi is predicted to have more wins in this match.


There is not much difference in rank or Binh Gia, the match between LongNguyen – a master from S61 Vo Dang sect and the representative face of Hoa Son Chan-Hung sect promises to contain many surprises for the audience. This pair will officially compete at 10am on December 11. All matches in the final round will be livestreamed on VLTK1M’s official Fanpage.


Joining the exciting atmosphere of the tournament, the organizers of Vo Lam Minh Chu also organized an event to predict the match results for the audience. Each audience will be able to vote for only 1 gamer of the day. If the winning player is correctly predicted, the audience has the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards including 500 gifts worth 168 KNB, 5 gifts worth 1688 KNB.

For more detailed information about the Vo Lam Minh Chu tournament, readers can visit:

Home page: https://volamm.zing.vn/
Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/volamm.zing.vn
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/volamm.zing.vn

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