Buying a CPU and then returning the goods, the man made a profit of nearly 500 million VND

As you know, CPU is an important component in computers and has high value, especially for high-configuration PCs or Gaming PCs. In addition, the CPU also has a compact shape and extremely light weight, which unintentionally makes it a controversial item. Cheat focused on the incident below.

Chinese media reported that recently a man named Tu illegally profited hundreds of millions of dong by taking advantage of loopholes in the operation of online shopping platforms. Specifically, Tu performed his tricks by ordering a CPU. After receiving the goods, he took out the CPU or swapped it with other objects and then repackaged it as new. Next, Tu staged a fake scene that the goods had not been opened and then requested to return the goods for a refund.


After receiving a refund, Tu sold these CPUs on another platform. After committing more than 10 crimes, Tu earned illegal profits of up to 140,000 yuan (equivalent to 477 million VND). Everything only really ended when the seller discovered that the parcel sent back to him was empty and reported it to the police.

Tu was immediately arrested and brought to trial. According to the verdict of Shunyi Court (Beijing), Tu received a sentence of 3 years in prison, 3 years of probation and a fine of 30,000 yuan (equivalent to 102 million VND) for his fraud.

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