Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League fails, another blockbuster is about to “die prematurely”?

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is the title shooting game new launch of Rocksteady Studios. The game is set in space Batman: Arkhamallowing players to take on the role of anti-superheroes like Harley Quinn or King Shark to fight against Justice League – a group of superheroes being mind controlled.

Having a setup sounds pretty cool, but what Kill the Justice League does is not as expected. Since its launch in early February, the game has continuously faced negative reviews about the gameplay, for example, the campaigns are constantly repeating, some missions have similar loops, making the game becomes very dull.


SteamDB data shows daily player count of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is continuously declining. On February 3, one day after launch, this game peaked with 13,459 players. But in just over half a month, this number dropped to only 2,007 players, an 80% decrease compared to the figures on February 3. This not-so-positive information has made fans start to worry about the fate of Kill the Justice League.

Before the game’s release, a member of the development team once revealed that Kill the Justice League would update new content completely free of charge for 1 year. But with this situation, many players are worried that the Rocksteady shooting game will “die game” before this time.

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