ViruSs helped the wrong person, posting “If you’re good, your stomach hurts your heart” in the middle of Jack’s love drama

Besides being one Streamer Famous for the famous Tu Hoang, ViruSs is also a multi-talented musician with many familiar hits in recent times. That’s why he has close and wide relationships in the singer world, especially with Jack when he was the one who directly supported the young singer after a long-term drama with K-ICM and his old company.

Jack is a singer who is caught up in a scandal, accused of “fishing” a lot, having a child with the female lead in his MV,…

But recently, a storm of love dramas involving many people and having children but denying Jack’s responsibility to the female lead of his music video… broke out and accidentally revealed a detail that showed the singer Waves No respect for the brother who helped me in difficult times and supported me in my career. Upon learning of this incident, ViruSs posted a status line saying that he was very sad and disappointed.

In a screenshot released by the female side to expose Jack, there is a reference to ViruSs. Notably, Jack disrespectfully calls the brother who devoted himself to him “It”.

ViruSs previously had a lot of love for Jack, always helping his juniors in their careers as well as caring for them in life.

Immediately in the comments below, many close friends and fans spoke up to comfort ViruSs for “loving” the wrong person. Because in the past, ViruSs was not only the one who helped his juniors, but also always gave positive comments and defended Jack as an unimaginably naive and honest person when this young singer got into scandal. But it turned out that it was all just an appearance, in fact Jack did not appreciate brotherly love nor respect ViruSs.


There was a time when Jack called, ViruSs picked up the phone and said he was streaming so he turned off the mic but was still so careless that the conversation between the two was almost shown on air. When hearing that Jack was still sick, ViruSs wholeheartedly cared and reminded his juniors to pay attention to their health. The two exchanged work, but Mr. His career has been praised by many fans, as well as admiration for his brotherly love. However… Currently, Jack’s side is still keeping completely silent in the face of the drama storm and the surrounding details being revealed by netizens and has not yet set a date to speak up.

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