Warning: Fake GTA 6 has appeared, gamers should absolutely not click on it

Announced in early December, the first trailer of GTA 6 has created a strong craze on social networks. On the Youtube platform, this trailer earned up to 93 million views after just 24 hours of release. But the explosion of the latest version of the house Grand Theft Auto is now becoming a profit-seeking tool for opportunists.

It is known that fake versions of the game have begun to spread online GTA 6. Even when the trailer launches, Rockstar Games has confirmed that the game will be released in 2025, but there are still many players who fall into scammers’ traps.


Advertisements for a fake Alpha version of GTA 6 have appeared in YouTube videos with a call to download and try out the game. The Rockstar Games logo also appears in the ad, which makes gamers even more confident about the authenticity of this ad.

In addition, some websites like G2A also blatantly sell GTA 6 PC version while the game has never been released. Furthermore, the selling price is incredibly high – 223 USD (about 5.4 million VND). For comparison, GTA 5 currently costs about 30 USD (about 730,000 VND) in the US market. It’s worth mentioning that fake GTA 6 sellers also received up to 99% good reviews.


Players not only have the risk of unfairly losing money when prepaying or buying this fake version, but when clicking on the above links, bad guys also have the opportunity to install viruses to steal players’ information. So it’s best for players to wait until the exact release time announced by the developer and buy the game at reputable addresses instead of trusting trial versions or playing first online.​

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