Steam Deck – Play CSGO super smoothly, carry delicious heavy graphics games

The term Mini PC is no longer unfamiliar as it gives gamers the ability to experience masterpieces on the mouse and keyboard without having to carry their entire PC system. But in recent years, with technology development, the power of PCs has been “miniaturized” even more to fit in the palm of gamers’ hands. Names like Aya Neo or OnexPlayer are typical examples.

But the heat surrounding these handheld PC gaming consoles only flares up when Steam Deck appear. Produced by the king of PC Gaming himself – ValveSteam Deck promises to deliver the most vivid and smooth images gamers have ever witnessed on a Handheld.


Of course, everything is just a promise as we cannot yet see how Steam Deck actually operates. Fortunately, Linus Tech Tipsone of the most famous technology Youtubers in the world, was invited by Valve to its headquarters in the US to test this masterpiece.

And as expected, the Steam Deck with its huge hardware power was able to deliver quality game frames to players. Testing with Doom Eternal – One of the FPS titles with the best graphics today, Steam Deck still maintains a stable frame rate.

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Along with that, the game is also capable of playing well the most popular names today like CSGO. Combined with allowing connection to an external display, this could be a way for CSGO gamers to move freely and play the game wherever they want.

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