Valve “said no” to the exclusive game Steam Deck

As confirmed on the FAQ page about questions for developers and publishers at the Steamworks event Steam Deck of the company, Valve said they have no intention of developing games specifically for the upcoming handheld devices.


When asked about this issue, Valve’s response was concise and clear: “No, we find that unreasonable. This is a PC and should be used to play games like a PC”. To support Valve’s above statement, at launch, Steam Deck will run one instance SteamOS adapted with a console-like interface design that allows players to easily navigate the Steam Store and Steam library.

However, Valve’s handheld will also allow players to access an unrestricted desktop where they can use and install third-party applications. This means users will be able to run other publishers’ games and launchers on the device – turning the Steam Deck into a handheld PC. Therefore, the development of titles exclusive game Steam Deck will not be effective, although it may somewhat boost device sales.


In early November, Valve announced that they would delay the release of Steam Deck due to a shortage of manufacturing components. The first orders of the handset will be shipped in February 2022, instead of the originally expected December 2021 date.​

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