Nightingale is a strange flower in the vast garden of survival games


Before the launch Early AccessDevelopers Inflexion Games shared an extensive video detailing the core gameplay mechanics of the game Nightingale. This multiplayer sci-fi survival game is expected to release on February 20, two days earlier than originally planned.

The focus of the game is Realm Card system with the ability to summon maps called “Realms”. Realms will have unique perks and styles. The system includes three cards: Biome cards shape the scene style; Major cards shape preferred gameplay, such as Hunt, Herbarium or Gloom, and “Minor” cards can insert or change details such as rewards, resources, weather, gravity, etc. Some Realms even even spawn NPCs that provide quests (and rewards) such as famous American journalist Nelly Bly and scientist Victor Frankenstein.

After exiting the large character creation screen, players will begin to learn the game’s basic survival systems. The trailer explains that besides the basic survival crafting system, Nightingale also offers more advanced crafting systems. The advanced system not only improves item quality but also changes stats, providing the ability to customize play style.

Obviously, this will affect combat, the most focused element in Nightingale. The highlight of the game lies in the style of quickly swapping items for flexibility. These item differences allow players to adapt to any style they may build.


Players are also encouraged to build mansions according to their individual play style. The mansion will start out as a basic shelter in the survival game and later on, players will have many options to expand their mansion both aesthetically and functionally. Mansions can be transformed into workshops, gardens and fortresses, and can use a variety of architectural styles.

Developer Inflexion Games is also particularly interested Multiplayer mode in Nightingale. Players can team up with up to six members to hunt, travel between lands, and build mansions together. When it comes to the end-game, players can join The Haven, a larger-scale social hub for a larger number of players with parties, quests, and high difficulty dungeons.

Nightingale will enter Early Access on Steam from February 20. Readers can learn more about this survival game here.​

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