“Uncle Nguyen” and the true story behind the upcoming horror game

“The fire Buddha cultivates one, the mind slaps the eye” is probably the mantra that has haunted believers. horrified last year. After the success of the movie, “Cursed Mantra” continues to get closer to the gaming community with the game version, conceived by Softstar, the studio behind the game adaptation of “The Demon Girl – Revealing the Soul”. Based on a famous urban legend in Taiwan.

“Uncle Nguyen” revolves around the story of Ly Nhuoc Nam and a group of photographer friends who set out to return to her boyfriend’s hometown to participate in a worshiping ceremony. Even though they were warned many times by adults, they still escaped in the middle of the night and mixed in with the group of people going into the tunnels to worship the gods. That night, they violated a taboo curse, resulting in Nhuoc Nam’s boyfriend’s brother having to die.

Ly Nhuoc Nam was pregnant at that time. After returning, she gave birth to a baby girl named Doa Doa, but due to not being able to care for her, she was forced to send the child to an orphanage center. 6 years later, in the present, she took her child home, but the child always showed strange signs and showed signs of being affected by the curse. She begins her journey to find the truth, trying to break the curse to rescue her daughter.


In fact, “Cursed Uncle” is not entirely a product of imagination but the plot is based on real events involving a family of 6 members in Kaohsiung, China.

Early in the morning of April 10, 2005, a woman was found lying in front of the hospital gate. Medical staff then ran to check the situation and discovered that this person had stopped breathing. However, it could not be ruled out that she fainted on the way here, so she immediately contacted the doctor to bring an oxygen tank. for first aid. The problem was that doctors could not insert oxygen tubes into this woman’s nose and mouth because they were filled with feces, which also caused respiratory obstruction. If there were more advanced medical equipment, this person could have been saved, but due to the distance, by the time the equipment arrived, her hands were cold.

Because the identity was unknown, the body was then taken to the morgue. However, when changing this woman’s clothes, doctors discovered many bruises and burns all over her body. They immediately realized something was wrong, and finally decided to contact the police to handle it.

After receiving the news, Cao police quickly rushed to the Kaohsiung Institute of Medicine to conduct an autopsy and investigation. According to his experience, tiny burns on the body are most likely caused by contact with a handful of burning incense. However, strangely, except for those incense burns, the woman’s body did not show any signs of struggle or self-defense wounds, meaning she was abused completely voluntarily. .

The police then continued to investigate and finally determined the victim’s identity. This person’s name is Ngo Phuong Quyen, currently a nurse at a Taipei nursing home. But how could a medic in Taipei run to his death in Kaohsiung? The case must be turned over from the beginning.

Mr. Liu just moved to a 3-story house in Gushan district, Kaohsiung. His neighbor, Mr. Ngo, has been acting very strangely recently. Mr. Ngo’s family has 6 people, including 4 children. Eldest sister Ngo Phuong Quyen works as a nurse at a nursing home in Taipei. The family lives very peacefully and harmoniously.


Until one day, the noise coming from the Ngo family woke him up, they screamed and cried loudly. The next day, eldest sister Ngo Phuong Quyen hurriedly returned home. The following days, the peaceful atmosphere returned, but not for long, the screams of “Don’t hurt me” echoed again. Mr. Luu felt something was wrong so he went to knock on the door to inquire about the situation.

The person who opened the door unexpectedly was Mrs. Ngo, the remaining family members sat huddled together, burning something unknown. Mrs. Ngo quickly chased Mr. Ngo away, but the matter did not stop there, Ngo Phuong Quyen’s cries still echoed every night.

Once by chance, he came across Mr. Ngo with a haggard appearance, and Mr. Luu learned that after the eldest sister, Ngo Phuong Quyen, returned, Mr. Ngo’s family had returned to peace. But one night, after Ngo Phuong Quyen suddenly received a phone call, her whole body became numb, began to scream, continuously tortured herself, and even attacked family members when try to stop her. Mr. Luu advised Mr. Ngo’s family to quickly take her to the hospital, but Mr. Ngo insisted that his daughter was possessed by demons and wanted to take her to see a shaman.

However, it seems that this shaman not only failed to solve the problem but also made Mr. Ngo’s family become more and more strange. Unable to just stand by and watch, Mr. Luu was just about to call the police when he suddenly saw Mr. Ngo holding Ngo Phuong Quyen and running out, then they both took her to the hospital.

A few days later, police Cao found Mr. Liu because he was an important witness in the case. During the interrogation, Mr. Liu recounted all the details of the incident. Next, Cao police began to search the Ngo family’s house. Outside there was a clothesline full of black clothes, with a somewhat strange smell. Entering the hall, he discovered a strange statue, furniture scattered around, and gold notes stuck everywhere.


There was no one at home. Officer Cao continued to go to the second floor and discovered there was feces everywhere. He could not enter so he continued to go to the 3rd floor. This floor was also deserted, but surprisingly there was a dining table. It was arranged very neatly, inside was all… excrement.

At this moment, police officer Cao’s teammates received news that Mr. Ngo had been found and quickly summoned him to the station. The origin of the story begins one day in February, the second daughter of the Ngo family, who was very superstitious, went crazy after returning from the temple. Every day she screams for her sister to come home because, according to her, if she doesn’t come home, her sister will be in danger. The eldest sister, Ngo Phuong Quyen, heard the news and immediately returned. Strangely, after that, her younger sister’s condition actually improved.

A few days later, Ngo Phuong Quyen woke up from a nightmare, dreaming that she was raped by a strange man. After that night, the nightmare kept repeating, she had insomnia every night and had symptoms of paranoia. Ngo Phuong Quyen’s spirit was extremely sensitive and weak at this time. The condition continued until March before gradually improving.

That day, Ngo Phuong Quyen’s close friend called, and as soon as he hung up the phone, an incident occurred. Ngo Phuong Quyen seemed to have lost control, constantly hurting herself and even those around her.

Her family thought she was haunted, so they took her to the temple to worship, but it didn’t help. The eldest sister’s madness was like a detonator, causing the entire Ngo family to lose their reason one after another. In the end, the entire family of six people seemed to have an electric shock, beating each other, burning incense and burning each other.


Until April 9, when Ngo Phuong Quyen passed away, her family still believed that she died because she was possessed by demons, and decided to leave her body in front of the hospital gate to hide. Finally, the case was clarified. Cao police requested a psychiatric evaluation for the entire Ngo family, but the doctor said they were hallucinating due to mental decline, gradually leading to schizophrenia. However, the majority of netizens do not think so because the details related to the Ngo family are too strange and difficult to explain.

The movie “The Curse” was inspired by this incident, causing the story of the Ngo family to be discussed once again. The game version is still in development and waiting for an announcement date.​

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