The organization that produces Tool Hack was taken to court by the world’s two largest game companies

Ring-1 sell Hack Tools as a subscription service: for 25€ a week, users can own a package hack Rainbow Six Siege includes aimbot (auto-aim), ESP tool displays health bar and distance of other players, options to change shrapnel spread and weapon recoil, an ID to avoid lock-on account and a “long knife” to stab players on the other side of the map.


30€ a week is the price for the hack package Destiny 2 includes a PvP targetbot, unlimited ammo, ESP engine, and an ID. Games like Rust, Apex, Legends, Call of Duty, Escape from Tarkov, Hunt Showdown, Dead by Daylight, PUBG, etc. also have similar hacking packages.

On July 23, Bungie and Ubisoft filed a lawsuit against Ring-1 in the state of California, naming several individuals behind Ring-1 with usernames such as Krypto, Overpowered and Berserker. According to the lawsuit, Ring-1’s products “limit and destroy not only the game experience but also the overall businesses of Bungie and Ubisoft as well as the two companies’ reputations within the player community. “


The suit also accuses Ring-1 of trademark infringement. “The Destiny 2 and R6S hack software purchase page includes images from the final release, along with links to share the software purchase on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.” The lawsuit does not give a specific figure for the damages caused by Ring-1: “Defendant’s conduct has resulted in damages to Plaintiff in an amount that must be proven at trial. According to Plaintiff’s estimate single application, that damage could reach millions of dollars.”

This isn’t the first time two video game companies have teamed up to bring in software vendors cheat court. Earlier this year, Bungie partnered with Riot to combat GatorCheats. Cheating is a serious problem for online multiplayer games and is becoming more noticeable as cross-platform functionality puts console players as exposed to hackers as they are on PC.


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