Falling unconscious in the middle of the street, a 25-year-old man was saved by an Apple Watch

Apple Watch is currently one of a kind smart watch Most trusted today. Besides convenient features such as texting, calling, listening to music, checking information on iPhone, and supporting work, Apple Watch also works very effectively in monitoring users’ health. Recently, this same Apple Watch saved the owner’s life when it encountered an unexpected incident.

Brandon Schneider

Brandon Schneider is a 25-year-old man, currently living on Long Island (USA). As an active guy, Brandon is always interested in his health and regularly exercises by horseback riding, hiking or running 5-6 times per week. Like many others, he uses Apple Watch to monitor his health status.

Recently, Brandon suddenly felt severe stomach pain for many days, so on July 12 he decided to go to the hospital with his father for a health check-up. On the way, he stopped to go to the bathroom but lost consciousness there and most likely hit his head on the ground or some hard object when falling. The Apple Watch immediately detected a hard fall, and at the same time Bradon did not respond to the haptic notification that should have been responded to within 45 seconds. Apple’s smart watch then sent an alert to the medical facility and Brandon’s father – who was waiting outside.

Brandon required many stitches after surgery

Brandon was immediately taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. CT scan results showed that he had a fractured skull, in addition to a serious life-threatening hematoma, forcing him to undergo emergency brain surgery. . Without a warning from the Apple Watch, it is difficult to say what would have happened to this 25-year-old man.

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