Ubisoft postponed the release of XDefiant shooter indefinitely

XDefiantgame title FPS new of Ubisoft has had a challenging road while getting closer to release but now the game is facing another setback. The development team recently confirmed that XDefiant is being postponed unlimited.


After another open beta, Ubisoft discovered some inconsistencies in the game experience that needed to be resolved before launch. As a result, the publisher decided to postpone the game’s launch indefinitely.

The publisher announced the following: “The development team will continue to work to resolve these issues and test them to ensure we achieve our goal of becoming Arcade shooting game best of its kind,” and said that they will share more information about the launch when ready. The project’s executive producer, Mark Rubin, also released a statement about the change in release plans. He said the developers found some issues that need more time to fix or improve the experience for players.​


Ubisoft previously revealed that XDefiant could launch in September or October, but problems with the Xbox certification process have led to a delay. Currently, the publisher is looking to bring the FPS game to players “as soon as possible” and has not set a specific time.

XDefiant will be released on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. This is a free-to-play shooting game set in the future and bears some similarities to the Call of Duty series. by Activision.

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