Alan Wake Remastered revealed – The horror masterpiece returns with new graphics?

Recently, fans have found leaked information about some of the above popular games Epic Games Store. After the information related to Final Fantasy 7 Remake discovered in the Epic Game Store database, another prominent name continues to be revealed, namely Alan Wake Remastered.


EpicData, the website that tracks database updates for the Epic Games Store, has shared the existence of an Alan Wake Remaster. Developer project Remedy not yet published. Based on the discovered code strings, Alan Wake Remastered appears to support a cloud save feature.

Leaked news about Alan Wake data on the Epic Games Store shows the possibility of releasing a remaster of the game. This is a reasonable step because Alan Wake has a large player base and Remedy’s next game could be Alan Wake 2.


Remedy’s next mysterious project, sponsored by Epic Games, is most likely Alan Wake 2. Therefore, the release of a remaster for part 1 will attract the attention of players and be a preparation step for part 1. 2. However, readers should note that the above leaked information may not be accurate because the appearance of a name does not mean that the game will arrive in stores.​

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