Gate of Nightmares – RPG game of the creator of Fairy Tail reveals the creation of 19 characters


Square Enix first announced the project Gate of Nightmares at the beginning of last April. It is known that Gate of Nightmares will be a mobile role-playing game with character designs made by Hiro Mashima, author of the famous manga Fairy Tail and Edens Zero. In addition, Fujisawa Jin will be responsible for writing the story, and Takanashi Yasuharu is composing the music for Gate of Nightmares.

Right from the moment the project was revealed in Japan, the game quickly received attention from the gaming community. Recently, 19 character designs were made public, including the 3 main characters. According to Square Enix, up to now, talented author Hiro Mashima has completed the designs of more than 50 characters.

Gate of Nightmares is set in a world created from a combination of the “real world” and the dreamlands of humanity. Players will follow Emma (who has the ability to control demons originating from nightmares) and Azel (who attracts demons) on their journey to save the world. Publisher Kodansha is also involved in the development of Gate of Nightmares.

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