Twitch has tightened its nudity rules again, this time banning metaphorical images

In early December, several streamers, including Morgpie and LivStixs, began broadcasting seemingly completely nude. In fact, these content creators are hinting at nudity by angled their cameras just the right way to show plenty of unobstructed cleavage while still keeping the sensitive stuff out of sight. “Artistic nude photos” was its name and as it became popular, Twitch admitted, allowing such nudity to be common throughout livestreams.


Things went a little too far when Twitch streamers started going completely nude on camera, save for black censor bars or carefully placed objects to cover their private areas. The platform now felt that something was wrong and immediately “turned around”, canceling the permission for “artistic nudity” as mentioned above. Now, Twitch seems to be going further, with a ban on forms that “implies nudity”.

In a Jan. 3 blog post, the company laid out new guidelines regarding implying nudity on the platform, which is now banned, effective immediately. Anyone who exposes sensitive parts that the rules say must be covered will face “a penalty,” although Twitch did not specify what that penalty would be. Therefore, regardless of whether a streamer wears thin or partially see-through clothing or uses black bars to cover sensitive areas, they will be subject to Twitch’s discipline.


“We do not allow streamers to be fully or partially nude, including exposing private parts or buttocks. We also do not allow streamers to imply or suggest that they are fully or partially nude, including but not limited to covering their breasts or private parts with objects or censorship bars ”, the company said in the blog post. “We do not allow the appearance of sensitive parts to be revealed, even when covered. Broadcasting even partial nudity of minors is always prohibited, regardless of context. For those broadcasting as women, we ask that you cover your nipples and not expose your lower chest. Separation is not restricted as long as these coverage requirements are met and it is clear that the streamer is wearing clothing. For all streamers, you must cover the area extending from your hips to your pelvic floor and buttocks.”

Forms of using black censorship bars to cover the body like this will be banned from now on

The company said streamers must continue to categorize their broadcasts appropriately in response to this change. However, there is one exception. Content creators categorize their channels under categories “Pool, hot tub and beach” are allowed to wear things like bathing suits “As long as (the outfit) completely covers the sensitive area”.

In general, nudity is definitely an effective form of “view capture”, even though it is not in accordance with traditional customs. Therefore, many streamers still take advantage of loopholes in Twitch’s rules to make profits. As for Twitch, this platform has always been ambiguous on this issue. Even though there is a ban, it often pushes such videos to the top of the suggestions section. Streamers make money, Twitch makes money, viewers “get their eyes”. Therefore, unless Twitch issues a really strict ban, the above situation will definitely continue on this online platform.

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