Rental – Animal Crossing horror version

Horror game indie newly released looks like at first glance Animal Crossing: New Horizons But players should not confuse these two games. Rental is a recently released horror title from developer Lonely House and the game has received ‘Very positive’ reviews on Steam. The developer’s introduction to Rental is intentionally vague, but it’s essentially a short and spooky adventure game that focuses on the dangers of renting a house in a crazy place. “.


In Rental, players will transform into Umi, an adorable little bunny whose family is renting a bungalow near the beach. Players need to explore the spooky cabin, meet a cast of quirky characters, and find items that will help them unlock the house’s secrets. Rental indeed sounds a lot like a combination of Silent Hill and Animal Crossing.


Although the game’s description is quite normal, Rental’s screenshots give off a creepy feeling. Besides the photos of the foggy cabin and the mysterious long hallway, there are also some disturbing images such as the photo of Umi standing with her family outside the cabin or the photo of the rabbit talking to a rabbit. another rabbit (possibly the cabin owner) with the line: “Forget your parents! You’ll never see them again anyway!”

Readers can currently experience Rental for free on Steam.​

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