10 reasons not to miss Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the latest masterpiece of Capcom will be released on March 22 on PC, PS5 and Xbox series X/S. After 12 long years of waiting, this is the sequel to Dragon’s Dogmaa very popular game released in 2012. Through trailers, demos as well as previews, this blockbuster is said to be a strong candidate for this year’s GOTY throne. Below, let’s score with GameHub. Through 10 reasons not to be missed, also the 10 brightest features of Dragon’s Dogma 2.

1. Fantasy world


Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a fantasy action role-playing game with a pure plot and meticulously portrayed worldview. Players will be transformed into a hero with swords and magic to fight and adventure in a world that is both magical and realistic.

2. Freedom to explore in the vast world


Dragon’s Dogma 2 is four times larger than its predecessor, with denser events, monsters and tons of things to explore. Intertwining races, lurking dangers, random events…all will make the player’s adventure interesting and never boring.

3. Diverse weapons, rich careers


Until now, the game has announced 10 different career types, with diverse weapons and skills. Each profession has its own unique fighting style and skills, causing players to wonder which path to choose.

4. Fight freely, taking advantage of the terrain


Using a sword to cut, using a bow to shoot, chanting magic… all the moves commonly found in the fantasy world will be recreated in Dragon’s Dogma 2 with high fidelity, allowing players to manipulate at will. In particular, players can also take advantage of the terrain to attack, for example, pushing enemies into the water when near a river, or using explosives to destroy dams, causing the water to blow away enemies…

5. Freedom to build the character’s appearance


Dragon’s Dogma 2 possesses an extremely detailed character creation system, allowing players to create characters with their own style and personality.

6. Feel free to borrow or lend Pawn


Pawn, or followers, are an indispensable part of Dragon’s Dogma 2. Players with up to 3 Pawn can form a team to explore the game’s vast and dangerous world. Coordinating the professions and equipment of the characters in the team is the key to victory. Through a network connection, players can borrow Pawn from other players, or lend their Pawn to friends to assist in the adventure.

7. Interaction between characters


There are many characters in the game, including priestesses, tourists, merchants, soldiers and other citizens… Each of them has their own goals, motivations and emotions. Sometimes, they can lead you to a quest by reaching out and asking for help. In addition, each character will have their own sympathy, the more they interact, the more players will understand about them. Interacting with such characters will make the player’s journey even more immersive with countless possible branches.

8. Types of tasks that occur naturally


Quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2 will be naturally occurring events. Players can be accosted by someone while wandering around and ask for help, or can also be teased by a drunk guy in a pub and a quest arises. You can freely choose to accept the quest or not. Each quest has many solutions, and they will directly affect the fate of the NPCs involved. Players can use force to solve problems, or use their intelligence and reasoning to complete the task wisely and get a satisfactory ending for that task.

9. Picnic march at night


Night in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is extremely dangerous. Even if you light a campfire or carry a torch, monsters can rush out from hidden corners and attack suddenly. If they cannot reach their destination before nightfall, the player’s party may have to “return to the village” in just a moment.

10. Epic Boss battles


One of the biggest highlights of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the epic Boss battles with giant monsters. Taking advantage of their weaknesses, climbing on their bodies and attacking dangerous places, or shooting off the wings of flying monsters… all make the Boss battles in the game interesting, realistic and full. encouragement part. It can be said that defeating any large monster in the game will make players feel satisfied with the achievements they have just completed.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 will officially launch on March 22. If you are a lover of the fantasy genre and action role-playing games, be ready not to miss one of the masterpieces of 2024.

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