Top 5 best new Mobile Games released in the first half of June 2021

5. The Chest: A Cursed Hero

The Chest: A Cursed Hero is a story about a hero who was unfortunately cursed and turned into a war chest. The player’s mission is to find the witch and reverse the curse. Starting the journey, you will have to constantly confront scary monsters that are trying to hold you back and prevent you from finding the witch. These monsters are only defeated when you throw weapons at them.

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4. Mazeman

Mazeman is a maze running game heavily inspired by Pac-man, players will transform into a hero on a mission to find the key to win the maze, while avoiding monsters and opening doors. lock collectibles.

Mazeman has up to 24 different characters, each with their own unique set of skills. Players need to skillfully use each hero’s special skills to pass certain areas in the maze without getting hurt. In the maze, there are countless different dangerous big and small bosses hiding in every corner to prevent players from escaping. However, there will be special power-ups scattered throughout the maze to bring you closer to your dream key.

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3. Overboard!

Overboard! is a detective mystery game, taking players back in time to 1935 in New York to investigate a murder that occurred on the SS Hook. The player’s only problem is to complete the investigation as soon as possible, before the ship arrives. To find the culprit, you can use many tricks such as blackmailing people, drugging witnesses or even killing opponents, … anything that helps you get clues and find the culprit. villain.

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2. Catopia: Rush

In Catopia: Rush, players will join the cat army to defeat the evil Dark Lord to protect their kingdom. This mighty army will have a Hero Cat and three allied cats with different roles such as Tanker, Support and Mage. The Hero Cat will be the only character who can deal damage to enemies, the remaining characters play corresponding roles to create an effective squad.

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1. Shadow of Death 2

Shadow of Death 2 is a role-playing game with a good storyline and extremely flashy gameplay style on silhouette-style graphics. In part 2, players will continue their journey with the hero Maximus – a warrior who has lost his memories. He travels in endless darkness, fighting demons to bring light to his hometown of Aurora and rescue the one he loves.

Using the hack’n’ slash gameplay style that made part 1 a success, Shadow of Death 2 brings an action-packed game with fiery battles with hordes of monsters. Players can choose between 4 different characters to suit their own style and adventure through 6 different maps.

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