Gran Turismo Sport will close its online service starting next year


Developers Polyphony Digital has released a statement confirming that as of January 31, 2024 players will not be able to use any online functions in Gran Turismo Sport. The post also notes that by December 1 of this year, all of the game’s DLC will no longer be available, so players need to make a quick decision if they want to get their hands on the Gran Turismo Sport DLC. The developer said: “After the service end date, players will not be able to use these Online Services like Community, Open Lobby or Sport Mode and online features/items like custom outfits. Players can still use the game’s offline features including purchased Add-ons.”

The above statement does not address the issue of saving progress. Currently, players can only save Gran Turismo Sport progress while connected to the Internet. In the FAQ section of the announcement, the developer implied that while the online service is down, players can continue to unlock cars through Career Mode. But Polyphony Digital hasn’t really specified how game saves will work once the online service disappears.


Players who are passionate about achievements should speed up the trophy hunting process as soon as possible, because some Trophies that require online connection will also disappear from the beginning of next year. This will obviously make some players feel uncomfortable. However, players will still be able to download DLC they purchased before December 1 even after the game has closed its online service.

Gran Turismo Sport released in 2017 and received many positive reviews, although many players were unhappy with the game’s requirement for a constant internet connection to experience.​

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