Dying Light 2 will have a Crossover event with For Honor and many updates in the near future


Techland announced future plans for Dying Light 2. The development roadmap reveals that the game will soon have new missions and weapons, among other content. Title action role-playing game will also add Cross-save, FOV slider on Xbox Series S and many quality of life improvements.

The roadmap outlined a number of events and Crossovers Upcoming, which Crossover with Vampire: The Masquerade will start this October. Additionally, a Halloween event is also coming up in October and another Crossover event with For Honor Ubisoft will launch in November. In December, players will be able to participate in the winter holiday event and the game’s birthday event.

The developer also revealed a long list of new content coming to the game. On the weapon front, players will soon be able to repair weapons and remove equipment mods. Knives and spears will also appear in the game along with a new extremely rare weapon. Dying Light 2 will also update with new enemy variations and new “nightmare” difficulty levels. The nearly 2-year-old title will also offer community mod support in the future.

While continuing to update Dying Light 2, Techland also recently asked fans what type of character they want in the next Dying Light game. Although there has been no official announcement about the new game, the studio is gauging player interest in the sequel through a poll on social network X. Dying Light franchise director Tymon Smektała asked fans if they wanted the main character to be a survivor, a Nightrunner, a Pilgrim, or a GRE Agent.


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