Three Kingdoms

It’s no exaggeration to say Three Kingdoms X is the version that “pleases” Vietnamese gamers in general and fans Three Kingdoms NPH in particular Funtap for them. The game brings a fierce arena, attractive gameplay, truly reflects one of the most heroic warring periods in world history and is ready to challenge you at each stage.


When it seemed that the Three Kingdoms theme was gradually fading and picking up players because the generations passionate about this theme seemed to no longer play games or games that did not leave too many breakthroughs and clear highlights. But until the appearance of Three Kingdoms

So let’s take a look at the interesting information about Three Kingdoms X.

Quoc Chien “extremely hands-free”

First of all, there is the Quoc Chien activity, which will definitely make Three Kingdoms X a resounding success and is also a perfect combination of Three Kingdoms Go and Three Kingdoms Origin. The matchmaking mechanism will now be more balanced for both attackers and defenders. Prioritize pairing enough pairs of players to create the most realistic National War feature for players.​


In the past, the National War feature has always been a unique feature that attracts players. The realtime arena gives players a feeling of nervousness and suffocation, but at the same time it is quite hands-free as you can hang up the device and still easily “eat”. world”. Now with better game balance, National War of Three Kingdoms X will definitely make even the most demanding Three Kingdoms players feel satisfied.

“Powerful” generals

Possessing more than 300 general cards of all kinds, Three Kingdoms Truong, Zhuge Liang…​


This is also an opportunity for gamers to demonstrate their military control skills and top tactical thinking through choosing the formation and types of troops thanks to the “powerful” array of generals. Now, representing the three countries of Shu – Wei – Wu to unify the country depends on your talent in commanding troops.

Cute chibi graphics

The graphics of Three Kingdoms X are still built in the chibi style common in almost every other Three Kingdoms general card game. However, the difference is that the expressions, movements and character nuances in Three Kingdoms X are quite focused and thoroughly exploited, creating unique personality traits for each character.​


Guan Yu is majestic and serious, Liu Bei is benevolent, Cao Cao is brave and heroic, Yuan Shu is sinister,… the characteristic features in shaping make gamers can easily identify the characters at first sight.

Extremely “banh cuon” gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Three Kingdoms X still follows the path of a typical general card game product, focusing on character development and overcoming levels and scenes. However, this gameplay has been deepened and more detailed than the Three Kingdoms card general versions currently on the market.​


Generals in Three Kingdoms In particular, the Shield, Spear, and Cavalry have elements to counter each other. Although the Gunner is not in the counter, it is quite weak and always needs the support of the remaining three arms.

Each general owns a separate army corresponding to his army. And in Three Kingdoms X, these soldiers not only possess their own skills, but can also be upgraded into more powerful soldiers. In general, soldiers play a quite important role in the game with the ability to protect, support and attack not inferior to any general if invested properly.

Thick activity

Three Kingdoms Participate in in-game activities without being limited to overcoming Boss hunting levels.​


Most PvP and PvE activities in the game have cross-server features, meaning players on one server can participate in activities with players on another server, which also brings community cohesion. when the boundaries between server clusters almost no longer exist, it also promotes the spirit of competition between servers, when they have more than enough opportunities to participate in high-low competitions.


Three Kingdoms X is a trump card from Funtap, which is famous for its success with the Three Kingdoms game series. Quickly enter the game to conquer the top racing activities and create your own position in Three Kingdoms X.​

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