Project HP – Nexon’s super project officially revealed

Project HP was first revealed in 2020 and wasn’t until March of this year Nexon just officially confirmed information about the project. The former game director of Mabinogi Heroes and Durango, also known as Vindictus in the Western version, is responsible for producing this new PC title. Stage alpha testing in Korea will start from August 5 to August 8, 2021.


The highlight of Project HP revolves around large-scale PVP battles set in the medieval period, with swords and magic clashing. Players have the ability to turn into “heroes” after accumulating enough achievements, but Nexon has not yet revealed more information about this system. However, the publisher confirmed that Project HP is the title PVP action game “proper quality”.

Although Project HP is still in the pre-release phase, Nexon has expressed ambitions for the game’s future esports scene and promoted that their product is of AAA quality. The Alpha test for Project HP includes 2 modes: 12v12 and 16v16. Nexon also admitted that this PVP genre is quite new to Korean gamers and they will listen to players’ feedback.


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