Michelle Yeoh will appear in the prequel film The Witcher: Blood Origins

She will play Scian, the last survivor of a nomadic elven tribe and a swordsman on a quest to change the fate of the world. The film also stars actor O’Fuarain Laurence, famous for his role in Vikings, who will take on the role of warrior Fjall. With extensive acting experience and always taking charge of action scenes herself, the beauty named Duong is the perfect choice for swordsman Scian.


The Witcher: Blood Origin announced last year. The series consists of six parts and takes place 1,200 years before the era of The Witcher. Specifically, before the Conjunction of Spheres event that brought monsters, humans and other creatures into the same dimension occurred. The film will follow the events leading up to Cosmic Link as well as the origins of the first monster hunter.​


This prequel film is not the only feature film project based on the Witcher novels made by Netflix. The Witcher Part 2 finished filming at the end of April and the film will likely be broadcast before the end of 2021. In addition, the Witcher novel will have an anime adaptation called Nightmare of the Wolf. However, Netflix has not yet revealed details about this project.​

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