Thousands of gamers sign a petition to make the card game Yu-Gi-Oh! become an Olympic sport

In recent years, Esports growing strongly with outstanding growth, gradually entering major sports conferences such as the Asian Games or SEA Games. So many gamers want it electronic Sports has the opportunity to appear in the Olympics, although it seems that this is not possible at the present time.​


The Tokyo Olympics are taking place extremely excitingly with the participation of 206 sports delegations and thousands of athletes. On this occasion, a Youtuber named Xiran Jay Zhao had the idea of ​​writing a petition for Esports, or more specifically, card game Yu-Gi-Oh! become an Olympic sport. Although she doesn’t know the final result, her idea has attracted a large response from Yu-Gi-Oh! In the world.

Currently, Xiran Jay Zhao’s petition has nearly 11,000 supporters and is one of the most signed petitions on In the description of the petition, Xiran Jay Zhao said that the card game Yu-Gi-Oh! Perfectly suitable to become an Olympic sport because it requires both dexterity, physical strength and endurance: dexterity to draw cards, physical strength to play cards and endurance to compete for a long time. .​


The female Youtuber’s argument does not sound completely convincing, but that cannot stop the enthusiasm of her fans. However, if a card game was truly accepted to be in the Olympics, why would it be Yu-Gi-Oh! but not Magic The Gathering or Pokemon? This will probably be the next difficult problem for Yu-Gi-Oh! Must resolve.

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