The highly anticipated collab between Lords Mobile x Dreamworks Shrek, with many attractive gifts!


Lords Mobilegame title MMOs Extremely successful strategy of the Developer IGG collaborated on the film title Shrek in two months, one mobile games The world’s best combined with one of the world’s most famous series.

Surely you have heard about Shrek. Don’t say no yet. But by some miracle, Lords Mobile may have “missed” you. All you need to know: This is a blockbuster MMO with a series of RPG and strategy elements.

Lords Mobile impresses with more than 640 million downloads globally, and the total number of hours played reaches billions.

The Lords Mobile x Dreamworks Shrek event, starting on December 1 and expected to last until the end of January, will see all gamers witness a series of characters from the Shrek universe traveling to the Kingdom of Athena and ready to Ready to face eternal battles.


Characters include Shrek, Donkey, Fiona and Puss in Boots, and to help make this event even more special, IGG and Dreamworks have arranged for Oath Keeper and Shrek to appear as characters. snow sculpture.

That’s right. Magnificent real-life snow sculptures. If you are nearby or have the opportunity to visit the Jingyuetan National Scenic Spot in Changchun, China.

And there’s even more good news. The special Guild Festival event takes place from 12:00 December 4 to 11:59 December 11 (GMT+7) and if your Guild is in the top 10, you will live forever with the legends. dialogue of this game and movie.

Returning to the game, Lords Mobile x Dreamworks Shrek will launch many exciting events.


Such as: Shrek’s Adventure where you will search for pieces and complete puzzles to win rewards such as Shrek’s Castle Skin, Collaborative Avatar, Exclusive Artifacts, etc.

Meanwhile, the Far Far Away Store will be open throughout the event so you can exchange your exclusive collaboration items for skins, avatars, emotes, and artifacts.

Other events include Fantasy Battle, Return of the Lord and Puzzle Adventure. When participating in events, you will have the opportunity to win many valuable and attractive gifts and items.​

You can see all the details in the game or the official Lords Mobile Facebook page.

To join the fun, download Lords Mobile for free now at the Google Play Store, and the App Store.

Game download link:

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