Thought it was low cost, but the Love Sword 3D community made it extremely awesome

Is one of the swordplay role-playing games that owns a “super strong – super strong” community, in any event or activity that is organized. Love Sword 3D organization, people see excitement, crowd, and especially unbelievable quality. Recently, everyone had the opportunity to witness the “million people” community of Tinh Kiem 3D participating in the LOW COST event. COSPLAY SUMMER COAST FASHION 2023 with the number of entries exceeding nearly 1,000 entries.

It must be admitted that the LOW COST COSPLAY SUMMER SEA FASHION 2023 event is the highlight of Love Sword 3D in May. Quickly surfing through the forums of this game, one no longer sees too many posts showing characters. , showing PK skills, showing off rare equipment, showing off the dignity of opening items… but instead there is an “extremely bustling” atmosphere when people from family to home compete to “relax” to the extreme.


Thanks to the possession of a huge number of skins with diverse genres in the game and constantly updated, the Tinh Kiem 3D gaming community has had the opportunity to freely choose ideas for entries in the LOW event. COST COSPLAY SUMMER 2023 COAST FASHION.

Even without investing too much in costumes and exterior elements, many female Tinh Kiem 3D gamers still have transformations that are no less than the original character versions in the game, making people “faint” ” because of her extremely sexy body, white skin, and 3 fiery breasts.


Many people speculated that the photo above was not authentic, but when they found it, they found out that this was the female gamer “Be Bong” from the My Nhan server. She also did not hesitate to share her feelings about the game.Passionate about travel and fashion. Summer is here, let’s wear cute clothes to the beach! The characters in the game are so cute.

In addition, not only the women can burn the “eyes” of the community, but the brothers also show no less spirit. There are quite a few extremely cool “all the abs are the abs” contest entries posted by some guys, making the ladies unable to keep calm.​

The male god owns a body that makes the Tinh Kiem 3D ladies fall apart… and calls on the owner to immediately invite them to the team.

The success of this event also shows the solidarity and cohesion of Love Sword 3D community. Massive participation with nearly 1000 entries created a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, creating a wonderful and memorable cosplay event. Please continue to follow Tinh Kiem’s ​​information channel to wait and see who will be the champion of Tinh Kiem 3D’s LOW COST COSPLAY SUMMER SEA FASHION 2023 event!​

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