Street Fighter 6 celebrates Monster Hunter’s 20th birthday in the upcoming Crossover event


Two of the biggest and most popular game franchises Capcom There’s about to be a collaboration. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its launch Monster HunterCapcom revealed Crossover event Monster Hunter x Street Fighter 6 will take place in April. The highlight of the event is the Rathalos Armor set with a greatsword on the back of the player’s avatar, standard Monster Hunter style. This outfit can be used in World Tour mode as well as Street Fighter 6’s Battle Hub. During the event, SF6’s skin will also be decorated with a Monster Hunter theme.

The greatsword Rathalos is only aesthetic and cannot be used in combat. Even so, the impressive armor is sure to win the hearts of Monster Hunter fans. Capcom may also be planning to release the Monster Hunter Fighting Pass during the 20th anniversary event, like they have done with other crossovers.

Monster Hunter World is a great success for Capcom. The franchise has sold more than 25 million copies since its launch in 2018. Capcom’s announcement of the sales milestone coincided with the 20th anniversary of the Monster Hunter series. The first Monster Hunter game launched in March 2004 on PlayStation 2. After 20 years, Monster Hunter World is easily Capcom’s best-selling game, Monster Hunter Rise (2021) is second with 14.2 million copies are sold.

Capcom combined the sales of the original Monster Hunter World with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition to reach 25 million sales. Monster Hunter World had sold 19.6 million copies by the end of 2023, but with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition, that number reached 24.1 million copies as of December 31 and has now surpassed the 25 mark. million.

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