PUBG Mobile achieved revenue of 10 billion USD

According to data from Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile has passed an important milestone, reaching revenue than 10 billion dollars. Game title Tencent enjoyed success worldwide, but China remains a particularly lucrative market, contributing 60.3% of the game’s total revenue. Next is the United States (10.7%), Japan (3.7%) and South Korea (1.6%).


China also leads in average revenue per download (ARPD), with an average of $34.2 USD, Japan is close behind at $31.8 USD, followed by the United States at $15.9 USD and South Korea for $7.90 USD. The game’s success in Japan, a place known for being picky about mobile games and a difficult market for mobile game makers to penetrate, highlights the power of PUBG Mobile.

In terms of downloads, India – where the game operates under the name Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) – leads with 21.8% of total downloads. China and the United States rounded out the top three with 14.3% and 5.9% respectively.


The FPS game was determined to be the second highest-grossing game in the past two years, behind another Tencent game, Glory of Kings. However, PUBG Mobile dominates the shooting game genre rankings, with revenue three times higher than Garena’s Free Fire.

PUBG Mobile’s appeal comes from many factors, such as successfully translating the compelling elements of the PC version to mobile devices, while enhancing accessibility with intuitive controls and interface. User-friendly interface. Additionally, Tencent has successfully leveraged the battle royale genre’s immersive gameplay and social features to provide players with a team-based experience.


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